Best friends ever since…

I had to get special permission to use this photo, it says explicitly on the back “show this to nobody”…among other things that shall remain top-secret classified.

This is my friend Asha Zenzi when we were kids. I remember thinking that she was going to be so mean, when we first met she had on her “I know you ain’t talkin’ to me” face, I quickly learned that she couldn’t be more opposite than I suspected. So, I’ve been forbidden from saying how many years ago this was taken, but just know that we’ve been best friends ever since!


Sisterhood Divine

I once thought that I was one of those women who got along better with men than women. I am totally turned off by the catty competitiveness between females and the manipulative behaviors that can sometimes arise. However,  I have had some truly heartfelt and down to Earth interactions with girls/women that I will always cherish.

Don’t get me wrong… men have their vital roles, and they are oh so crucial for the balance of things. I’ll dote on them some other time :) . Right now it’s about the ladies.

The solidarity of sisterhood in the times of our lives that try us, the times that teach us, and the times that we triumph is crucial. I am fortunate to have in my close circle some girls that are truly down for me whatever the cause. The beauty of this is that they are not cookie cutter, they are as diverse as wildflowers, but the constant threads are their compassion, honesty, and strength. Our sisters are here to serve as a true reflection, to be a reminder and impart on us the sage wisdom that perhaps we, at some point, gave them. The nature of these relationships are cyclical and always have some form of ebb and flow.

Now this may sound as if I’m talking about an army of chicks, I’m not. My circle is small. I don’t enjoy a large posse, something gets lost in the mass. But hey, if you have a massive crew so be it. At least you have a sisterhood. If you don’t have one, if you are for some reason put off by other females and you think you are better off alone or kicking it with the fellas, reconsider. Just one female confidant is worth more than I can verbally express.

So to MY “girls” I say  I love you, I respect you, I appreciate you, and I thank God for you.